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Stan Nord: Bringing Change to the Normal Town Council

Thank you for taking time to research and understand why I believe you should give me the opportunity to represent you on the Normal Town Council.

In recent years, I’ve watched the town council make decisions that have negatively impacted the very essence of Normal—the residents and structures that make our town a unique and wonderful place. I have also witnessed the council ignoring the real concerns our citizens have. I believe we can do better than this. Together we can lower taxes and reprioritize spending. We can focus on the real concerns of our citizens and the urgent needs we have for our roads and infrastructure. I want to ensure the community is heard, and I want to bring about the changes we really need.

  • Lower Taxes

    Taxes have grown too high in Normal. But with a few changes in the council’s focus, we can start the process of lowering taxes. The council has focused too tightly on agendas that speak to their “wants” rather than the citizens’ real needs.

  • Reprioritize Spending

    Too often, the council has adopted the wrong priorities for spending in their misguided attempts at economic development. The Uptown plan, for example, keeps taking precedence over the crumbling roads and aging infrastructure, even though the Uptown developers keep requiring the Town to kick in more and more money. Meanwhile, our local economy has suffered as important tax-generating, “economic engine” businesses have either left the area or downsized—that means we have fewer jobs and fewer people to contribute to the Town's total income. Because of this, it is more important than ever for the council take a hard look at their priorities. Time for change.

  • Represent Your Voice

    Repeatedly, I have witnessed the town council blatantly ignoring and belittling the concerns of citizens. As your council person, I want to—and I expect to—hear from the citizens of Normal. I understand this is your town and you pay for this government. Your voice must be heard. You deserve to be represented. I will stand up and represent your concerns!

Changing the Ideals of the Council

I’m tired of seeing my home town community suffer from economic problems and heavy tax burdens due to the council’s decisions. I want to serve as the driving force to enact real change in own town government.

How You Can Help

To bring about change, I need your help in getting the word out and, more importantly, getting people to vote.

This below PDF links contain information that will help you spread the word. It contains my general positions and a Did You Know Section about how your money has been spent in recent years.

Here is what I’m asking you to do:

  • Click the links below and print both packets of information.
  • Post in your break rooms, community rooms, bulletin boards, hand to customers, etc.
  • Email these packets with your friends, neighbors, employees, and anyone you know in the Bloomington-Normal area. (Because we are twin cities, what happens in one town effects the other – many people live in one and work in the other.

Print Posting and Did You Know PDF 

The remainder of this website contains my analysis of our current issues and practical approaches for how I want to bring about change that will actually help the residents and businesses in Normal. If you elect me to represent you on the town council, I will work extremely hard for you to bring about the changes I am proposing. I will listen to you to understand your needs and concerns.

Please help me get elected!

  • FIRST, review the issues. There’s a lot going on. I want to help residents really understand.

  • SECOND, make sure you are registered to vote then vote early!!!

    • I have put links on my Order Ballot page so that you can verify where you are registered, find out where you can vote, and change your registration address, if needed.

    • Have a ballot mailed to your home. Don't wait till election day to research and vote. Something may come up that keeps you from getting to the polls. Mail-in ballots are available now. You will receive your ballot within five days of your completed request. See the Order Ballot page.

  • THIRD, please spread the word about my campaign.

    • Talk to your fellow Normal and Bloomington friends and neighbors.

    • Share my website Nord for Normal and my Facebook page on social media.

    • Get a yard sign! To request a sign, please use the Contact form.

    • Volunteer to help. For more information on how to help with my campaign, see the Volunteer page.

  • FOURTH, vote for me on April 2, 2019. Or better yet, VOTE EARLY, by Mail or Walk-In—See the McLean County Elections Registration & Instructions page for information. Please encourage others to vote early, as well.


    • To make a difference, it’s going to take more than just one person with passion, ideas, and a deeply rooted desire to see Normal succeed.

    • If you vote for incumbent candidates who are loyal to Mayor Koos, then don’t expect to see change. They have already demonstrated and expressed their priorities are the Uptown plan over the people of today.

In addition, please consider donating to my campaign. It takes a lot of money to bring our message to the people. See the Contribute page for more information.

Contact Me

I love to talk to my fellow Town of Normal residents. If you have any further questions, recommendations, or comments, please use the Contact form or call me at 309-242-2495 to get in touch with me.

Together we can...

  • Lower Taxes
  • Reprioritize Spending
  • Represent Your Voice

We can bring about the change Normal needs. I will be honored and humbled to receive your vote April 2, 2019.

Links to Information About Elections

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