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Parks & Rec and the Arts

Normal’s Parks & Rec and its programs geared towards the arts are a huge part of what makes our community such a wonderful place to live. This is one aspect of our town I want to see grow and expand.

  • Parents in Normal will tell you that the youth activities often fill up quickly. Unfortunately, this leaves many children and families unable to enjoy them.

  • Seniors in Normal are developing community with one another by using the Parks & Rec seniors programs more and more. We should work on building further opportunities for them.

Good municipal leaders recognize that Parks & Rec programs improve the physical and mental health of their citizens. Because these programs contribute so significantly to the quality of life in Normal, they are worth the investment. Our community relies on our municipality to responsibly build and maintain our parks and facilities. Normal does an amazing job, and we should expand upon this success. Kudos to all Normal employees and volunteers involved in these programs!

However, my deep appreciation for these programs does not mean they should go without proper budget considerations. We want to get the best “bang for the buck.” To do this, we must reign in any unnecessary spending, eliminate financial waste, and zero in on inefficiency so that we have more resources available for civic projects. We cannot expect to have great civic programs if we are not fiscally responsible in other areas.

I relish the opportunity to advocate as a council person for Normal’s arts programs and Parks & Rec.

Citizens for Stan Nord
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