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2021 Municipal Election Information

Run for local government?

Decisions made by your local government have a direct impact your daily lives and your finances. Now is the time to decide if you want to be a voice in government or a spectator.

If you want to be a voice, then I pray you choose to represent the voices of the citizens and taxpayers. (We have enough voices representing government agendas.)

If you want to be a spectator, then research the candidates running. Get to know their position on issues that matter to you. Then help them, whether financially (campaigns can be expensive), with your time, or provide a location to display their yard sign.

For those running.

  • You need to collect about 400 signatures, from registered voters in Normal, petitioning to add your name to the ballot. The petition is due to be turned in November 16-23, 2020. Petition forms are in the packets below.
  • There is some additional paperwork which you will need to turn in as well. It is in the packets, plus the County Clerk's office can help you.
  • After your name has been approved to be on the ballot, then you should be communicating with the public why they should vote for you. A few methods to get your message out may include knocking on doors, social media posts, and attending organized events with other candidates.
  • The election is in April 6, 2021. If you win, then you will soon be able to represent the people in your community.

Below are links to some important information to help you with the process.

Citizens for Stan Nord
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